Pear and Chianti Sorbet
1. Mix together pears, wine, orange, lemon, cinnamon, sugar, and water.

2. Cook until the pears are tender and 50% of the syrup has evaporated.

3. Remove pears and strain the syrup to remove cinnamon, lemon, and orange.

4. Add syrup to pears and blend until uniform. Allow to cool.

5. Freeze the mixture with Freeze&Go.

Pealed pears, sliced into large pieces 250 g
Chianti 350 ml
Sugar 100 g
Water 100 g
orange with rind
lemon with rind
cinnamon stick
Crema Antica with Sorrentino Lemons
1. Bring milk and cream to boiling.

2. Blend egg yolks, sugar, and honey then stir into the boiled milk and cream.

3. Add 5g of lemon zest and cook mixture for a few minutes, mixing constantly.

4. Let the mixture stand for a few hours, then add the rest of the lemon zest.

5. Freeze the mix with Freeze&Go.

Milk 230 g
Cream 50 g
Egg yolks 35 g
Sugar 65 g
Acacia honey 10 g
Zest of 2 Sorrentino lemons
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